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Roots High Pressure Cartridge Meter

Dresser Roots Meters – Series B3-HPC Roots Meter
High Pressure Cartridge Meters
1M740/1480, 3M740/1480, 5M1480, 7M1480 MAOP HIGH PRESSURE METER

Four models of High Pressure Cartridge ROOTS Meters incorporate new design innovations in rotary meter measurement.  These advancements to the time-tested and accepted ROOTS Meter provide measurement solutions over other obsolete positive displacement style meters,oversized inferential style meters, or less accurate styles of insertion inferential meters.


Series B3-HPC High Pressure Cartridge Rotary Meters employ the same positive displacement operating principle in other ROOTS rotary meters where gas volumes are measured by two figure-8 impellers rotating in a chamber ofknown volume.  Precision machining to exact tolerances ensures measurementaccuracy,while materials of construction ensure measurement performance in the most severe conditions.

1M and 3M measurement cartridges are interchangeable between their common body casting, as are the 5M and 7M versions. This allows the operatorto “right-size” the meter for a particular application. Also,accuracy certified cartridges are field replaceable for ease of maintenance.

An optional full capacity internal Bypass is available for all Series B3-HPC cartridges. Since the Bypass is self-resetting, an optional electronic/mechanical differential pressure sensor with pulse output is available to indicate if the meterhas been in the Bypass mode.

To access more technical information on the Roots High Pressure Meter, follow the link below:

Roots High Pressure Cartridge Meter Technical Bulletin

To purchase the 1M740 High Pressure Cartridge Meter or other Roots Meters, following the link below:

Buy 1M740 Series B3-HPC Roots Meter

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3 Responses to “Roots Meter – Sales, Free Literature, Tech Support”

  1. raza Says:

    i need gas meter
    ROOTS® Micro Corrector – Model IMC/W2
    The most capable integral gas volume corrector
    ever developed for rotary meters
    Available in PTZ+ log, P+ log, and T+ log versions

  2. Dante Mondragon Says:

    We manufactured a heaters units
    And I need information on gas meter for 5″ to 14″ ,1000 CFH with hour meter

  3. mike schoen Says:

    do you have a rep. in St. louis Mo.

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